Honorary Research Associate
Tel: 011 726 5734, 083 325 7792
Email: davidfig@iafrica.com

Ph.D. (LSE) BSc Econ (Hons) (LSE) BA (UCT) NC Water Pollution Control (UNISA)

Academic Profile

Dr David Fig trained as a political economist and has also practiced as an environmental sociologist. His area of research includes Southern Africa and Latin America, specifically looking at energy, biodiversity, food and agriculture, corporate behaviour, environmental policy and South-South relations. He is currently a Fellow of the Transnational Institute, a global think-tank linking scholarship and activism, based in Amsterdam. He also has research links with the Society, Work and Development Institute's Nature and Society Cluster and the Department of Public Health at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has consulted for the Department of Environmental Affairs, Greenpeace, Wits School of Environment, Southern Africa Resource Watch, International Social Science Council, African Biodiversity Network, Southern Africa Catholic Bishops' Conference Justice and Peace Programme, and many others.

He is chair of the board of Biowatch South Africa, an NGO concerned with agro-ecology, food sovereignty and biosafety. He is a past office bearer of LEAD Southern Africa, the International Sociology Association Research Committee on Environment and Society, and the African Uranium Alliance. His publications include books, monographs, book chapters and journal articles, some of which have appeared in French, Portuguese, Spanish and German. He has taught at UCT and Wits Universities, and engaged in training programmes in a number of Southern African countries.

Research Interests

Energy politics in South Africa, including unconventional gas Uranium and the nuclear fuel chain in Africa Corporate accountability in and legacy of the extractive industries in Africa The social and environmental impacts of the food and agriculture complex in Southern Africa The monocrop frontiers in Latin American and African agriculture South-South politics


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