EGS offers a Master’s degree either by coursework and a short dissertation, or by full dissertation.

Master’s in Environment, Society and Sustainability

The MPhil in Environment, Society and Sustainability, is an 18-month programme that includes a year of coursework plus a supervised research project and short dissertation. It is aimed at students with no prior experience in Environmental and Geographical Science. Students with an Honours degree in any discipline other than Environmental and Geographical Science may apply for entry into this programme.  Read more...

Master’s in Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The Master’s in Climate Change and Sustainable Development is an 18-month programme that provides interdisciplinary training in climate change and sustainable development, with a focus on issues of relevance to African development. It is convened by UCT's African Climate and Development Initiative, a coalition of academics and research units from across the University with a shared interest in interdisciplinary research and solutions to the climate change problem. Read more...


Master’s in Environmental & Geographical Science - by dissertation

Students may enrol for this degree through the Faculties of Science or Humanities. They will be expected to conduct research under the supervision of a member of staff within the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science.

Please use the departmental website to access information about the various research interests and staff in the department. Consider this information carefully to determine if your research interests fit with the department’s research strengths. In your application you will be invited to indicate a preferred supervisor. Although it is not compulsory to do so, it helps the application review committee and you should therefore familiarise yourself with staff members’ research (through, for instance, the departmental website and staff publications) to make this decision.

Please note that if you are accepted into the Master’s programme, you will be required within a specified period to write and present a research proposal. The Department will use this process to assess the viability of your research and its appropriateness for your degree programme. If the requirements for the proposal are not met, your continuation in the programme will be reviewed and you may be asked to discontinue.

Read more... information on how to apply to this programme.