The Urban Ecology takes a night field trip

22 Mar 2023
Night Walking

Night walking and pausing to understand the impact of artificial light at night (ALAN).  How far must you walk away from a streetlight before you can no longer read the page of text in front of you?

22 Mar 2023

Thirty percent of invertebrates are nocturnal, and 60% of invertebrates, and yet most of our ecological research is confined to daylight hours.

The 2023 Urban Ecology class took a night field trip recently and discussed this significant gap in ecology. Excessive noise, artificial light at night and urban night warming all plays a role in altering niche partitioning, assembly rules, and functionality.

After an evening seminar and group activities, we took a walk in the dark on the lower slopes of Table Mountain and applied our thinking to what this all means for the local ecology of our city.