Third year EGS students produce Air Quality Information Posters during lockdown

03 Nov 2020
03 Nov 2020

Things might have been tough this year for students to adapt to the Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) mode of learning, but it didn’t affect the quality of the work, some were able to produce. As part of a third year course exploring the urban environment, students were tasked with creating an Infographic to educate the public on the quality of the air they breathe in an urban environment, the influence the citizens have on air quality and things they can do to improve it.


A panel of judges made up of individuals from the Western Cape Provincial Government Air Quality Directorate, Saldanha Bay Municipality and UCT staff selected the top 5 posters.

Overall winner Catherine Gwynn-Evans


The runners-up were

Angela Euston-Brown

Amrah Manie

Gemma Poretti

Rishi Pragg

Well done to these students for their exceptional work.

Some comments from the judges:

“It was really exciting to see the understanding of air quality and talent displayed.”

Sally Benson, WCG AQ Directorate

“It was indeed a privilege to be a part of this endeavour and I was amazed at the quality of the posters. Well done to all your students!” 

Rene Toesie, Saldanha Bay Municipality


“The information content along with conveying the message in a clear and conducive manner was very impressive. It is not easy to capture something complex and make it look simple with so many constraints in place.  Excellent communication skills at work here.”

Frank Eckardt, EGS, University of Cape Town