Masters in Computational Science Awarded with distinction

28 May 2019
28 May 2019

Congratulations to Ananya Gangopadhyay, who graduated in  April with a Masters Degree in Computational Science, with distinction, her thesis titled Accelerator-based Look-up Table for Coarse-grained simulations.

Ananya joined the Computation Research group the final year of her BSc. in Electrical Engineering. She responded to an advertisement sent out to the Engineering Faculty which advertised the opportunity to help contribute to the mapping of the human proteome. The opportunity to apply her engineering and programming skills to a larger project appealed to her, and she completed her final year project in the Scientific Computing Research Unit. This experience was challenging, as it exposed her to mathematical techniques not covered by her degree, but ultimately this translated to a welcoming learning experience, well facilitated by both staff members and her fellow students.

She decided to continue to extend her final year project to a Masters project. Her research focussed on creating and implementing 4D Look-Up Tables (LUT’s) on a GPU. Her research also checked the accuracy of the results. Her results for the implemented package for Benzene formed the scope of her Masters research.

Ananya feels that her research has helped create tools that other researchers can use in the broad and vibrant research area of coarse-grain modelling. She is currently working as a Research Assistant in the unit working on publications and intend to pursue her PhD studies.