The Scientific Computing Research Unit aims to increase the availability, commercial value and protection of South African technology, diagnostics and therapeutics globally. We do this through:

  • Licences and agreements
  • Quality control workflows
  • Patented disease therapeutics
  • Patented cancer diagnostics

Our Patents

  • GlycoEnzyme Gene Cancer Classification

    Naidoo, K.J & Ashkani, J. (2015). (WO2016059585) Glycosyltransferase gene expression profile to identify multiple cancer types and subtypes. PCT/IB2015/057916. 

  • Inhibitors of type II ribosome

    Jayakody R.S., Naidoo K.J (2014).  Inhibitors of type II ribosome inactivating proteins. PCT/IB2012/054999. 

Our Clinical Trials

  • Phase1 Clinical Trial

    A study of the efficacy of GlycoEnzyme Gene Expression Biomarkers in the blood and tissue samples of patients with Breast Cancer, in a South African population (April 2020 - ongoing).

  • Proof of Concept

    A “Proof of Concept” Study of the Application of a GlycoEnzyme Gene Biomarker for Early Detection of Breast Cancer in the South African Population (April 2016 - December 2018).