Entrance requirements

A relevant Honours degree or equivalent (equivalent to a UCT Hons degree), with at least a good 2nd class pass (above 65%).

Application procedure

Application to the department is facilitated by clicking the link below to complete the Google form:

  • Departmental application form
  • Full academic transcripts of all courses, not completed at UCT
  • 2 page CV
  • The closing date for coursework master's applications is 30 September for potential registration in February of the next year.  Note that lectures start 2 weeks before the start of the undergraduate academic year.

For STA5000W, STA5001W or STA5013W:

  • A one-page research proposal
  • Students are welcome to initiate the application process at any time during the academic year, although registration usually takes place in February or July.

An official application must be done to Science Faculty by completing the Online application form.


You need to ensure sufficient funds to cover your fees and living expenses. A limited number of university bursaries and other bursaries are available. You need to apply separately for such funding (http://www.students.uct.ac.za). A limited number of tutoring positions are available in the department. The salary would depend on your duties and typically provides not more than R1500 per month for eight or nine months of the year. Note that an offer/acceptance into a postgraduate programme does not automatically ensure or entitle you to a tutorship. The department does not offer any financial assistance to students and it is imperative that students ensure coverage of their own financial needs before they arrive at UCT.

Language requirements

The official language of the university is English. Students may be required to undertake an English proficiency test. For more information on postgraduate studies (application procedure, funding and rules) of UCT please consult: http://www.uct.ac.za/main/applicants-students Note that the department’s approval of your application is a requirement of registration, but the Faculty may have additional requirements.