The curriculum comprises of core courses adding to 66 credits, elective courses adding to at least 24 credits and a minor dissertation counting 90 credits.

Students will choose a minimum of 2 elective courses to bring the total number of elective coursework credits to a minimum of 24 NQF credits. Available electives will depend on staff availability and not all electives will be offered each year. Students may choose to take electives from the list of core courses, or from the list of elective courses subject to satisfying the entrance requirements for the chosen courses and consent of course and programme conveners, or from courses from other departments subject to consent of the course and programme conveners.

The minor dissertation component (90 NQF credits) is a research project based on a selected research topic. Students may register for a minor dissertation from the available options listed below. Students registering for the dissertation component in a Faculty other than the host Faculty (which administers the course) will be subject to the examination criteria of that Faculty.

Minor Dissertation options include:

 Data Science in Statistical Sciences  STA5079W  90 credits
 Data Science in Astronomy  AST5005W  90 credits
 Data Science in Bioinformatics  IBS5005W  90 credits
 Data Science in Computer Science  CSC5009W  90 credits
 Data Science in Physics  PHY5008W  90 credits
 Minor Dissertation in Finance  FTX5003W  90 credits


Progression Rules

Students are required to pass courses adding up to 90 credits to qualify for the course work component of the degree.  All core courses must be passed.  Students are allowed to repeat a failed course once.  Students should pass at least 3 courses in the first year of registration to be allowed to continue with the degree.  Students may not progress to elective courses unless they have passed at least 3 core courses.  By the end of their second year registration, students should have passed at least 4 courses to be allowed to continue with the degree.  Students may take a maximum of three years to complete their coursework requirement.  Students may register for the dissertation components of the degree if they have passed 3 courses.  They may, however, not submit their dissertations for examination before they passed all required courses.