The SCS operates on a partial cost-recovery basis and hence all billable work is charged for at an hourly rate. UCT staff and students have the option to pay via grant or research funds via internal fund transfer. Alternatively, invoices are to be settled privately.

The rates charged by the SCS vary according to the client type (internal vs. external) and Faculty. The faculty of Science funds a position in the consulting unit and hence qualifies for a reduced rate. The rates specified below are estimated rates and they may be subject to a formal costing procedure. In addition, the estimated rates are applicable for clients serviced directly by members of the SCS only; specialist rates may apply for members of the Statistical Sciences Department not involved with the SCS.

Annual Revision of Rates

  • The SCS may adjust rates at the beginning of a calendar year. Clients whose projects span over multiple years will be informed of such changes. The rates corresponding to the year in which services are rendered will be applied.

Consultation Rates for 2022 (meetings and all other time required on the project)

  • UCT-based:
    • Science Faculty R200.00 + VAT per hour
    • All other faculties R400.00 + VAT per hour
  • Note: VAT is not charged on internal fund transfers for UCT-based researchers. It is up to the client to indicate the method of payment preferred, prior to the issuing of any invoices.
  • External Academic: R700.00 + VAT per hour
  • Corporate, NGO or equivalent: R1500.00 + VAT per hour