Thesis title Supervisors
Riesna Audh Physical and biogeochemical processes in the Atlantic sector of the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone: observations and modelling. Prof Marcello Vichi (MARiS, UCT) and A/Prof Sarah Fawcett (UCT) 
Matt Carr    
Amelia Deary    
Wayne De Jager Detection and identification of mechanisms and trends of sea ice drift variability in the Southern Ocean Prof Marcello Vichi (MARiS, UCT)
Frank Ghomsi Interannual, decadal variability and long-term trends of the Sea Level Anomaly in the tropical Atlantic Prof Mathieu Rouault (NTC, UCT) and Roshin P. Raj (NERSC, Norway)
Lebogang Makgati    
Magata Magatane    
Mulalo Maphugwi    
Lerato Mpheshea Understanding the drivers leading to varying seasonal patterns of rainfall and temperatures over southern Africa Prof Chris Reason(UCT)
Nomvula Mpungose Extreme rainfall events over the Pongola-Mtamvuna Water Management Area of South Africa Prof Chris Reason(UCT)
Philile Mvula Mysterious subsurface ridge on the upper slope of the eastern Agulhas Bank: A possible feeding ground for commercially valuable fish? A/Prof Juliet Hermes(SAEON)
Humeshni Pillay    
Zara Prew The Great African Seaforest: Impacts of marine heatwaves on South African kelp forest ecosystems A/Prof Sarah Fawcett(UCT) Dr Albertus Smit (UWC & SAEON) and Dr Tommy Bornman(SAEON)
Ntanganedzeni Ramugondo A synoptic climatology of extremely wet and dry seasons over South Africa's summer rainfall region Prof Chris Reason(UCT)  and Dr Mark Tadross(CSAG, UCT) 
Tshikana Rasehlomi    
Mishka Rawatlal The chemical characterisation of aerosol organic nitrogen in the remote marine atmosphere A/Prof Katye Altieri(UCT) 
Jonathan Rogerson  Investigation of mechanisms leading to seasonal hypoxia in the Southern Benguela Upwelling system A/Prof Sarah Fawcett(UCT) and Dr Jennifer Veitch(SAEON)
Caroline Sejeng Incorporating and connecting multi-scale oceanographic features in marine protected areas planning and management.

Prof Isabelle Ansorge(UCT)  A/Prof Juliet Hermes(SAEON)  Dr Laura Braby(SAEON)  Dr Issufo Halo(Dept of Forestry Fisheries) Prof Kerry Sink(SA National Biodiversity Insti.)

Wanjiru Thoithi Regression analysis of the influence of topography on rainfall variability in the Limpopo River Basin Prof Chris Reason(UCT) 
Tesha Toolsee 

Linking synoptic scale mixed layer dynamics to the seasonal and interannual variability of pCO2 and FCO2 in the Southern Ocean.

Dr Sarah-Anne Nicholson(SOCCO-CSIR), Prof Pedro Monteiro(CSIR) and Prof Marcello Vichi(MARIS, UCT)

Sina Wallschuss

Oceanic N2O “hotspots”: an investigation of the sources, sinks and driving mechanisms of N2O in the Benguela upwelling system and Atlantic Southern Ocean.

A/Prof Sarah Fawcett(UCT), Anja Van der Plas (Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia), A/Prof Annie Bourbonnais(Univ South Carolina, USA)
Christo Whittle Development of the Benguela optimized MODIS earth observation algorithms tp characterize the spatial and temporal variability of harmful algal bloom occurence in the southern Benguela from 2001 to 2020 Prof Mathieu Rouault(NTC, UCT)