"LWANDLE" Oceanographic Resource Centre often referred to as the Oceanography Library, serves as an on-the-spot working collection for academics, post graduate students, researcher associates and visiting scientists in the department. And also extends its services to the broader university community as well as to organizations affiliated to the dept.



The Resource Centre holds a collection of books, journals, reports, theses and maps, covering topics such as:

  • estuarine, coastal and shelf sea circulation wind-wave dynamics
  • sediment transport processes
  • global sea level science
  • geodetic oceanography
  • marine biogeochemistry
  • operational oceanography
  • meteorology and climatology

Books: The books are arranged alphabetically by author for each subtopic  -- which includes: Antarctica, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Geology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Climatology and Global Change. Some book titles are also available online on PRIMO

Journals: Journals are arranged alphabetically by title. Most of the journals housed in the Resource Centre can be accessed online on PRIMO

Theses: PhD and Masters theses: Hardcopies are kept in the Resource Centre, Electronic versions can be accessed on OpenUCTHonours projects: Hardcopies are kept in the Resource Centre, Electronic copies are available on VULA 

Newsletters, Reports, Conference Proceedings, Reprints & Maps: The Resource Centre also houses a collection of newsletters, reports, conference proceedings, reprints and maps