Scheduled Doughnut talks are held in the Oceanography Seminar / tea room every alternate Wednesday at 1pm. All are welcomed.

Date Presenter Title
24 April Dayna Collins (MSc candidate) The spatial variability the physical and biogeochemical properties of Antarctic Sea Ice
  Mishka Rawatlal (PhD candidate) Sources of water-soluble organic carbon in Aerosols at the Cape Point GAW Station
8 May Jabulile Leroko (MSc candidate) Characterizing the isotopic composition of sources of atmospheric nitrate to non-industrialized regions in South Africa
  Pelonomi Sakwe (MSc candidate) EDI-SA: Characterisation of aerosol composition, phase state and pH
22 May Jonathan Rogerson (PhD candidate) Another brick in the wall
5 June Riesna Audh (PhD candidate) Rafting of Growing Antarctic Sea Ice Enhances In-Ice Biogeochemical Activity in Winter
  Sizwekazi Yapi (PhD candidate) Seasons; comparison of size-fractionated rates of net primary production, nitrogen uptake and nitrification in the southern Benguela upwelling system