BSc, PGCE (U. Swaziland), BSc Honours (Rhodes), PhD (U. Pretoria)

John Day Zoology Building
Room 3.33
Phone: +27 +21 650 1628






Born and raised in Swaziland (now Eswatini) Celiwe obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences and Chemistry, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Swaziland. This was followed by a BSc Honours degree at Rhodes University. Both her undergraduate and honours projects involved some work on bats.  She went on to do her MSc at the University of Pretoria (UP), working on the foraging behaviour of white-bellied sunbirds. She also obtained her PhD from UP, her thesis aimed to draw attention to the welfare of southern African birds held in captivity for research purposes by assessing glucocorticoid stress responses to variable housing techniques and the subsequent physiological effects of variation in environmental temperatures while in the research setting. 

Her research interests include finding less-invasive methods for collecting physiological data to improve the welfare of research animals (current focus on birds), vertebrate responses to a changing environment (through both urbanization and climate change) and their respective applications to conservation.


Peer-reviewed articles

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Ngcamphalala CA, Bailey IE, Nicolson SW. 2018. Nectar intake and foraging efficiency: the responses of sunbirds to flower morphology. Journal of Ornithology, 159:1031-1041.



Current students
Sikhulile Khumalo, MSc (dissertation), Principal supervisor
Abiodun Ademola, MSc (dissertation), co-supervisor
Daniella Mhangwana, Honours, co-supervisor

Graduated students
Sabrina Roberts, Honours, UCT 2022, Principal Supervisor
Kagiso Nhlapo, Honours, UCT 2021, Co-supervisor
Michelle Bouwer, Honours, UP 2019, Co-supervisor
Emma Jepsen, Honours, UP 2018, Co-supervisor