These modules are offered by members of the Laboratory for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (the DMTCS Lab), a research group in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

  • DMTCS modules can be taken by Honours students in both Mathematics (MAM4000W, MAM4100W & MAM4101W) and Applied Mathematics (MAM4001W, MAM4110W & MAM4111W). They are also popular with students doing Honours in Computer Science.
  • For Applied Mathematics Honours students, they count towards the 60 credits of Applied Mathematics modules taught by MAM.
  • The modules currently offered by members of the DMTCS Lab are:
    • Complexity Theory (Dr Holger Spakowski)
    • Graph Theory (Dr Imran Allie)
  • ​​From 2017, students taking DMTCS Honours modules will be expected to have taken the 3rd year module 3DM (Discrete Mathematics), or equivalent.