Honours students in MAM may sometimes take some modules in other departments.

  • In general, Applied Mathematics students have more flexibility than Mathematics students, and Mathematics students will only be allowed to take non-MAM modules that have nontrivial mathematical content.
  • You must get permission from the MAM Honours Program Convenor for each module in another department that you wish to take.
  • You must also, of course, get permission from the department that owns the module.

Below is a list of some non-MAM modules that MAM Honours students have taken in recent years, and how many credits each module was worth in the MAM Honours Program. This list is for informational purposes only and is not to be read as "modules you are allowed to take". We encourage Honours students to take modules that they are interested in in other departments, especially if they complement those they are taking in MAM and help to build a coherent and focussed program of study. Permission to take a module in another department will not be unreasonably withheld. But the MAM Honours Convenor has the final decision whether to allow you to take non-MAM modules, and how many credits each is worth.

Department Module Credits in MAM
Computer Science Parallel computing with GPUs 10
  Evolutionary computing 10
  Desktop high performance computing 10
  Introduction to computer vision 10
  Image processing 10
  iPhone games development 10
  Visual thinking 10
  Information security and artificial intelligence 10
  World Wide Web technology 10
  Network and internetwork security 10
  Research methods 10
  Databases 10
  New venture planning 10
  Mobile game development 10
  Parallel architectures 10
  Expert systems 10
  Digital forensics 10
Economics Advanced Econometrics (ECO5046F) 30
  Financial economics (ECO4053S) 14
  International Finance (ECO4013S) 14
  Microeconomics (ECO4007F) 16
Electrical Engineering Space technology 24
Environmental and Geographical Science Climate variability & modelling (EGS4024Z) 32
Oceanography Southern Ocean 7.5
  Ocean and atmosphere 15
  Coastal dynamics and modelling 15
  Data analysis 7.5
  Ocean modelling 15
  Operational oceanography 15
  Physics of ocean and atmosphere 14
NASSP Astrophysical fluid dynamics 15
  General astrophysics 30
  Computational methods 30
Physics Particle physics 15
  Quantum mechanics 1 15
  Quantum mechanics 2 15
  Relativistic quantum mechanics 15
  Nuclear physics 15
  Classical mechanics 15
  Quantum field theory 15
Statistics Analytics 21
  Decision/modelling theory 14
  Econometrics 14
  Operations Research A 14
  Operations Research B 14
  Biostatistics 14
  Theory of Statistics A 21
  Theory of Statistics B 28

This is not an exhaustive list and you are welcome to suggest other courses to the MAM Honours Program Convenor