Course outline

MAM4001W (Honours in Applied Mathematics) is a one year course that is designed to expose students to advanced topics in Applied Mathematics, and to allow students with interdisciplinary interests to take modules from outside the department as part of their Honours degree. The course is made up of a number of modules and a compulsory project, each of which is worth a certain number of credits. You must accumulate at least 160 credits, as per the table below:

Honours in Applied Mathematics (MAM4001W)
Applied Mathematics modules taught by MAM ≥60 credits (DMTCS modules included)
Project 40 credits total
Other Modules number of credits per module varies
Total ≥160 credits
  • You can take more than 160 credits of modules. If you do, your mark for MAM4001W will (more or less; see below for the details) be calculated using your "best 160 credits".
  • Most modules are 30 lectures.
  • The lecture timetable for all of the Honours modules is decided at a meeting on the first day of class.

All Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Honours Students are required to tutor in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Designing your curriculum

  • You must take at least 60 credits from the following list of Applied Mathematics modules and related subjects:
  • The following may be taken, but do not count towards the "60 credits of Applied Mathematics modules taught by MAM":
  • You must take the Project.
  • To pass MAM4001W, you must obtain a mark of at least 50% for the Project and a weighted average mark of at least 50% for your coursework. If you fail the Project but don't pass your coursework, or if you pass the Project but fail your coursework, you will fail MAM4001W. 

All curricula must be approved by the Honours Program Convenor. It is particularly important to consult the Convenor if you are thinking of taking a reading module, modules in other departments, or considering whether you might be allowed to take an undergraduate module as part of your Honours degree.

The following Applied Mathematics and DMTCS modules will be offered in 2024.

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Advanced Mathematical Methods 1
Associate Professor Haris Skokos
Advanced Mathematical Methods 2

Dr Shajid Haque

Theoretical Cosmology 1

Professor Peter Dunsby 


Not offered in 2024. 

Dr Nora Alexeeva
Topics in String Theory

Not offered in 2024. 

DMTCS1 (Complexity Theory)
Dr Holger Spakowski
DMTCS2 (Graph Theory)

Dr Imran Allie

Advanced Topics in Reinforcement Learning

Associate Prof Jonathan Shock 

  Theoretical Cosmology 2 Dr Alvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz

The Mathematics modules that will be offered in 2024 are listed here.

How we calculate your final mark

  • If you do more than the minimum of 160 credits, we'll calculate your final mark for MAM4001W using your "best 160 credits". However, your final mark must include:
    • At least Applied Mathematics modules taught by MAM (see above).
    • The mark for your Project.
  • The Project counts 25% of the final mark and must be passed (i.e, you must get a mark of at least 50%).
  • The remaining 75% of the final mark is calculated using your modules.
  • For the modules in the course (i.e., excluding the Project and Seminar), the examination counts at least 50% of the final mark for the course.