Students in both Mathematics (MAM4000W) and Applied Mathematics (MAM4001W) can take reading modules in subjects (in pure and applied mathematics) that are not offered as taught modules.

  • You may not take a reading module if a taught module covering essentially the same content is offered that year. For example, you cannot take Core Topology as a reading module in the 2nd semester instead of as a taught module in the 1st semester.
  • You may, however, take a reading module that covers material that expands on, or is complementary to, the material in a taught module (particularly if this will better prepare you for an intended MSc). For example, you could consider taking a reading module in Algebraic Graph Theory after completing the taught module in Graph Theory.
  • You must find a supervisor in MAM who is willing to supervise you.
  • You must get permission from the Honours Program Convenor.

If you wish to take a reading module, you should fill in the Reading Module Form.

The form should be filled in with your supervisor, signed by both of you, then submitted to the Honours Program Convenor.