A vast amount of data was generated during the national review of land degradation in South Africa. Two data sets are provided. 

The first comprises a set of 31 variables for each of the 367 magisterial districts in South Africa and includes biophysical climatic land use, demographic, and socio-economic statistics. These data were synthesized from several disparate sources.
The second data set presents the results from the workshops themselves and shows the detailed results of the soil and vegetation surveys covered in the workshops, for each of the 367 magisterial districts in South Africa. 

A description of the variables contained in the data files may be dowloaded.

Download District/Provincial and Workshop data description as Word Documents.
Download Data


The Workshop and District Summary data is also available in GIS format (ESRI ArcView v.3.1). This consists of a shapefile linked to the various district-level variables. ArcView is required to view this shapefile: download it. For further information, download this readme file.