Tim Kirsten


Assessing the extent and drivers of land degradation in the Little Karoo using a novel method based on satellite imagery and archetype analysis [Supervisors: M.Timm Hoffman, Wesley Bell and Vernon Visser] [PDF pending]

Hana Petersen


Patterns of plant species richness and diversity across two habitat types in the Upper Karoo, South Africa [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Simon Todd] [download PDF]

Liesl Eichenberger


The long-term impact of herbivory on the vegetation of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve [Supervisors: Simon Todd and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Kim Konings


Life history traits of South African Encephalartos spp. (Zamiaceae) and their implications for understanding population structure, responses to threats and effective conservation action [Supervisors: John Sydney Donaldson and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Amy Louise Murray 


A socio-ecological analysis of environmental change in the Kannaland Municipality of the Klein Karoo, South Africa, over the last 100 years [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Rachel Wynberg] [download PDF].

Cherie Forbes


Benchmarks for the future: long-term vegetation change derived from Palaeoecological techniques in west-coast Renosterveld, South Africa [Supervisors: Lindsey Gillson and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Zoe Poulsen


Changes in distribution of indigenous forest in Table Mountain National Park from 1880 – 2012 [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Robyn Powell


Long-term vegetation change in the Cape of Good Hope Section of Table Mountain National Park, in response to climate, fire and land use [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Lindsey Gillson] [download PDF].

Claire Davis


Trends in vegetation productivity and seasonality for Namaqualand, South Africa, between 1986 and 2011: an approach combining remote sensing and repeat photography [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Wesley Roberts] [download PDF].

Sam Jack


Revisiting Aloe dichotoma’s suitability as an indicator of climate change in southern Africa [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Rick Rohde] [download PDF].

Rahab Kinyanjui


Phytolith Analysis As A Palaeoecological Tool: Middle-Late Pleistocene Environments In The Olorgesailie Rift Basin, Kenya [Supervisors: Lindsey Gillson] [download PDF].

Leontine Duijnstee


A rural village revisited: the post-Apartheid changes in Paulshoek, South Africa [Supervisor: Ton Dietz and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Raldo Kruger


Untangling clumps – Factors influencing seedling ecology in a semi-desert, and the implications for restoration ecology [Supervisors: Peter Carrick and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Greg Nicholson


Road reserves as conservation assets: exploring the species of conservation concern and the ecological condition of the N7 road reserve [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Fiona Ballantyne


Palaeoecology and vegetation dynamics in the Cederberg Wilderness Area [Supervisors: Lindsey Gillson and Ed February] [download PDF].

Ryno Erasmus


Habitat use, feeding ecology and the impact of re-introduced elephants (Loxodonta africana) on trees within a restricted conservation area in the semi-arid, Little Karoo, South Africa [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Daniela Bonora


An environmental history of the Cederberg: changing climate, land use and vegetation patterns [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman, Rick Rhode and Ed February] [download PDF].

Candice-Lee Lyons


Evaluating restoration success of alluvial diamond-mined sites in South Africa using invertebrate community indicators. [Supervisors: Mick Picker and Peter Carrick] [download PDF].

Ryan Blanchard


An investigation of riparian vegetation recovery following invasive alien tree clearing in the Western Cape [Supervisors: Pat Holmes, M. Timm Hoffman and Dave Richardson] [download PDF].

Ndumiso Nongwe


A systematic conservation assessment of habitat transformation and degradation in the Little Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Ben Wigley


Living in a changing world: An integrated approach to documenting and understanding medium to long-term vegetation changes in three contrasting land use systems in a mesic savanna, Northern Zululand, South Africa [Supervisors: William Bond and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Rhoda Louw


Sustainable harvesting of wild rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) in the Suid Bokkeveld, Northern Cape Leslie Hill Institute for Plant Conservation Botany Department University of Cape Town [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Noel Oettlé] [download PDF].

Zuziwe Jonas


Land use and its impact on the Succulent Karoo [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and Mathieu Rouget] [download PDF].

Ashia Petersen


The Vegetation of Paulshoek, Namaqualand: Phytosociology and landuse Impacts [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].