Adriantsilavo Razafimanantsoa


Climate change and ecosystem dynamics in the Central Highlands of Madagascar [Supervisors: Prof Lindsey Gillson] [PDF pending].

Cherié Dirk (Forbes)


Using palaeoecology to investigate changes in ecosystem services in response to climate and social-ecological drivers in the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area and surrounding agricultural lowlands, in the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa [Supervisors: Prof Lindsey Gillson, Prof Timm Hoffman] [PDF pending].

Gina Arena


Assessing long-term vegetation change on natural rangelands in the Nama-Karoo – Grassland biome boundary [Supervisors: Prof M. Timm Hoffman, Dr Helga van der Merwe (SAEON, Arid Lands node), Prof Tim O’Connor (SAEON, National Office)] [download PDF].

Wesley Bell


Mapping desertification: towards an approach for mapping regional land degradation in drylands [Supervisors: Prof Timm Hoffman; Dr Vernon Visser] [download PDF].

Estelle Razanatsoa


Impact of human land-use and rainfall variability in tropical dry forests of southwest Madagascar during the late Holocene [Stephan Woodborne, Malika Virah-Sawmy] [download PDF].

Glynis Humphrey


The role of humans, climate and vegetation in the complex fire regimes of north-east Namibia [Supervisor: Prof Lindsey Gillson] [download PDF].

Petra Holden (de Abreu)


A pluralistic, socio-ecological approach to understand the long-term impact of mountain conservation [Supervisors: Prof M. Timm Hoffman, Dr Frank Eckardt (Environmental & Geographical Sciences), Dr Gina Ziervogel (Environmental & Geographical Sciences), A/Prof Martine Visser (Economics), Prof Mark New (ADCI), A/Prof Julian Smit (Geomatics)] [download PDF].

James MacPherson


Benchmarks for the future: Long-term vegetation change at the Forest - Fynbos-Succulent-Karoo ecotones [Supervisors: Lindsey Gillson and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Hayley Clements


Multi-scale, social-ecological influences on private land conservation in South Africa [Supervisors: Graeme Cumming and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Nicola Wheat


An Ethnobotanical, Phytochemical and Metabolomics Investigation of Plants from the Paulshoek Communal Area, Namaqualand [Supervisors: David Gammon, M. Timm. Hoffman and Kelly Chibale] [download PDF].

Igshaan Samuels


Pastoral mobility in a variable and spatially constrained South African environment [Supervisors: Nicky Allsopp and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Mmoto Masubelele


Understanding the past to conserve the future: Long-term Environmental and Vegetation Change in the Karoo Midlands, South Africa over the 20th Century [Supervisors: M. Timm Hoffman and William Bond] [download PDF]

Jonathan Colville


'Understanding the evolutionary radiation of the megadiverse monkey beetle fauna (Scarabaeidae: Hopliini) of South Africa' [Supervisors: Richard Cowling and Mike Picker] [download PDF].

Amrei von Hase


The process of conserving biodiversity: From planning to evaluating conservation actions on private land in the Cape Lowlands, South Africa [Supervisors: Mathieu Rouget and Richard Cowling] [download PDF].

Pippin Anderson


The impact of grazing along an environmental gradient in the Kamiesberg, South Africa [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Ndafuda Shiponeni


Spatio-temporal distribution of grass and shrubs a the ecotone between an aris grassland and succulent shrubland: ecological interactions and the influence of soils [Supervisors: Nicky Allsopp, M. Timm Hoffman and Peter Carrick] [download PDF].

Llewellyn Foxcroft


Pattern and process of plant invasion in an African savanna ecosystem, with emphasis on multiple spatial and temporal scales [Supervisors: Dave Richardson and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Theo Manuel


Responses of different community user groups to biodiversity conservation of protected areas in lowland fynbos – the case of the Wolfgat Nature Reserve [Supervisor: M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].

Patrick O’Farrell


Ecosystem goods and services in a semi-arid landscape: an examination of the relationship between ecological processes, land use strategies and biodiversity conservation [Supervisors: John Donaldson and M. Timm Hoffman] [download PDF].