UCT MCB Triple Quad GC-MS


GC is the preferred technique for the separation of low molecular weight metabolites which are either volatile or can be converted into volatile and thermally stable compounds through chemical derivatization before analysis. This includes primary metabolites, such as amino acids, amines, sugars, organic acids and fatty acids. GC is not the preferred method for secondary metabolites.
The coupling of GC to electron impact ionization (EI) MS is a hybrid technique in analytical chemistry and is considered to be one of the most robust and highly sensitive instrument platforms for metabolite analysis.
MCB’s Triple Quad GC MS is the ideal instrument to be used for compound target analysis. 

MCB Instruments
GC: Agilent 7890 (split inlet)
MS/MS: Agilent 7000C (electron ionization EI)
Carrier gas: Helium
Collison gas: Nitrogen

Agilent DB-5ms+DG, 30 meters, 0.250 mm (I.D.), 0.25 µm (film) up to 325°C (5% Phenyl-Arylene-95% methylpolysiloxane) + back flush column for non-polar & mixed-polarity compounds


For enquiries, please contant Pei-Yin Liebrich (pei-yin.liebrich@uct.ac.za).

User charges 2024

Cost of GC use R330.00/hr
Setup of GC runs by MCB scientific officer R330.00/hr
Training / assistance / method development / derivatization / report R 330.00/hr
Vials R10.00/vial
Vial caps R5.00/cap
Vial inserts (0.25 mL-tapered bottom)      R5.00/insert
Vial inserts (0.25 mL-with polymer feet)     R30.00/insert
Nylon hydrophilic syringe filter (0.22 µm 13 mm)     R6.00/filter
Syringe (1 mL)     R4.00/syringe
1.5 ml screw cap microfuge tubes R7.00/cap+tube
C8-C40 Alkanes R30.00/10 µl
MSTFA R40.00/100 µl
BF3 in methanol R10.00/100 µl
BSTFA R40.00/100 µl
External Academics     Total cost + 15% Vat
Industry (Total cost + 30%) +15% Vat