Equipment / Duty Floor Room No Academic/SO in charge SO back up
Autoclaves 4th 414 Tatiana Millard -
  3rd 332 Tatiana Millard -
  2nd 214
Tatiana Millard -
  1st 133 Tatiana Millard -
Assets & Equipment Database All floors - Pei-Yin Liebrich -
BSLII and II+ Facility Equipment 4th 432.2 Shakiera Sattar Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey
  4th 432.3 Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey Shakiera Sattar
  3rd 316 Annestacia Marthinus Shakiera Sattar
  3rd 305 Marilyn Krige Shakiera Sattar
CD Spectropolarimeter 3rd 301 Marilyn Krige -
Constant Temp Rooms 4th 440-442 Tatiana Millard -
  2nd 219
Tatiana Millard -

Cold Rooms

4th 416B
Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey Marilyn Krige/Tatiana Millard
  3rd 315B
Marilyn Krige Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey/Tatiana Millard
  2nd 213B
Tatiana Millard Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey/MarilynKrige
Centrifuges 4th 416 Ed Rybicki/Marilyn Krige Tatiana Millard
  3rd 315 Ed Rybicki/Marilyn Krige Tatiana Millard
  2nd 213 Ed Rybicki/Marilyn Krige Tatiana Millard
Equipment room:
Hyb Oven, UV Cross Linker,
Dept Balances, Electroporator
2nd 216B Tatiana Millard Annestacia Marthinus
Fluorescent Microscope 4th 432.1 Nicci Illing/Keren Cooper -
-70°C Freezers (Dept X 3) 4th Passages Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey Tatiana Millard
  2nd 213
Tatiana Millard Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey
Freeze Drier 4th 416 Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey Pei-yin Liebrich
  3rd 315 Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey Pei-yin Liebrich
French Press 2nd 213 Tatiana Millard -
GC and HPLC Lab 4th 418 Pei-yin Liebrich Keren Cooper
Growth Chambers 4th 415 Rob Ingle/Annestacia Marthinus Shakiera Sattar
Health and Safety (BSL I) MCB Rep   Tatiana Millard -
  4th   Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey -
  3rd   Marilyn Krige -
  2nd   Pei-yin Liebrich -
  1st   Derick September (workshop & LTs) -
Health and Safety
(Mammalian BSL II and II+)
4th 432.1-
Shakiera Sattar -
  3rd 305, 316 Shakiera Sattar -
Health and Safety
(Plant Growth Rooms,
Plant TC & Growth Chambers)
118, 137 & plant growth rooms   Annestacia Marthinus -
H2O Systems 4th 416 Marilyn Krige All SOs
  3rd 327 Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey All SOs
  2nd 213 Marilyn Krige All SOs
  1st 116 Shakiera Sattar All SOs
Ice Machines 4th 415 Marilyn Krige Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey
  2nd 213 Marilyn Krige Tatiana Millard
Laminar Flows 3rd 317A
Annestacia Marthinus Shakiera Sattar
Luminometer/Fluorimeter (Glomax) 3rd 319 (Glomax) Marilyn Krige Pei-yin Liebrich
  3rd 319 (BMG) Pei-yin Liebrich Marilyn Krige
Mixer Mill 4th 417 Pei-Yin Liebrich Annestacia Marthinus
Nanodrop/Specs 4th 417A Marilyn Krige Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey
  2nd 214C Marilyn Krige Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey
  1st 118 Marilyn Krige Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey
PCR Machines 1st 118 Shakiera Sattar Annestacia Marthinus
PCR Machines-Real Time 4th 417A Suhail Rafudeen/Annestacia Marthinus Shakiera Sattar
  2nd 216A Suhail Rafudeen/ Annestacia Marthinus Shakiera Sattar
Photo Labs 4th 413 Tatiana Millard All SOs
  3rd 319 Tatiana Millard All SOs
  2nd 214D Tatiana Millard All SOs
Plate Readers: UV/Visible X 2 4th 417A Pei-yin Liebrich Annestacia Marthinus
  3rd 319 Pei-yin Liebrich Annestacia Marthinus
Plate Readers: Visible X 1 1st 118 (Vis) Pei-yin Liebrich Annestacia Marthinus
Prac Labs 3rd 322-326
Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey/Marilyn Krige -
  2nd 223-226 Tatiana Millard/Annestacia Marthinus -
  1st 116-118 Shakiera Sattar/Pei-Yin Liebrich -
QIAgility Robotic System 2nd 216A Suhail Rafudeen/ Annestacia Marthinus Shakiera Sattar
Sonicator 2nd 213 Tatiana Millard -
Savant Speedvac 4th 416 Bronwyn Arendze-Bailey Pei-Yin Liebrich
Waste: Chemical & Biological      Blommie Filmer Contact DA on the floor
Waste: Radioactive     Pei-yin Liebrich  
MCB website     Keren Cooper -
Xenogen 4th 412 Vernon Coyne -