Associate Professor Henk Hilhorst

Honorary Research Associate

I have been a plant physiologist for more than 40 years, specialising in seed biology and technology, but currently with a major focus on plants with vegetative desiccation tolerance, so-called resurrection plants. These plants share many similarities with seeds in coping with severe drought.
I use tools and approaches from various disciplines in my studies, including (post)genomics, molecular genetics, biophysics, physiology and ecology.
After many years of working with model species like Arabidopsis and tomato, I switched to working on non-model species, particularly those that produce desiccation-sensitive (recalcitrant) seeds and resurrection species, with vegetative desiccation tolerance, with the ultimate goal to enhance crop performance in an increasing stressful climate.
As a seed biologist at Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands, I have been studying the development and use of seeds for many years, with an emphasis on the acquisition of desiccation tolerance, dormancy and longevity. Some ten years ago I met Jill Farrant and discovered that she was doing similar research as my work on seeds, but focusing on resurrection plants. We compared our findings and that was the beginning of our intensive (and ongoing) collaboration. We share students, laboratories, results and publications, bringing together our expertise in a systems biology approach.
I have been affiliated with Wageningen University and Research for over 40 years, involved in research and teaching, not only in The Netherlands but in various locations around the globe, including Brazil, Kenya, USA, Canada, Italy, UK and France.
Since my retirement in February 2021, I am a guest-researcher at Wageningen University and appointed Honorary Research Associate at the University of Cape Town, South-Africa.

Selected publications

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