Dr Colleen O'Ryan

Deputy Head of Department, Postgraduate Affairs

I have published in the fields of evolutionary, population and behavioural genetics using range of molecular approaches in combination with demography, behavioural and life history traits. I shifted my research focus in 2014 to examine the association of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with genetic loci using an epigenetic approach to identify differential genes associated with ASD. 
Our research uses a multi-disciplinary approach which includes ASD phenotyping, DNA methylation, metabolomics and cell biology. We have identified an ASD endophenotype that exhibits mitochondrial dysfunction partly driven by DNA methylation which our group proposes contributes to the aetiology of ASD. We are currently examining the mitochondrial hypothesis of ASD in a neuronal cell model system. Our group uses molecular biology, biochemistry, NGS, microscopy and cell culture techniques. 

Also see: https://geneticskidslab.wixsite.com/oryanlab