Multicollector ICP-MS

The multi-collector ICP-MS Facility is equipped with two Nu Instruments MC-ICP-MS instruments, a Plasma3 (installed 2023) and an upgraded NuPlasma HR (installed 2007, upgraded 2023).

Stable Isotope Lab

The stable isotope laboratory has a number of extraction lines for the measurement of stable isotope ratios of O, C, and H in rock (silicates and carbonates), mineral and water samples.

Electron Microprobe

The Electron Microprobe facility allows the quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of a wide range of elements (from Boron through Uranium, if present in sufficient concentration) of solid materials at the micron scale.

Quadrupole ICP-MS

The ICP-MS facility is able to analyse a wide range of trace elements (Li to U, excluding elements such as H, C, O, N, and noble gases).

Ancient Life and Environments Lab

The ALE lab is a geochemical lab that supports sediment prep before geochemical analysis including description, weighing, digestion, as well as mineral synthesis experiments.

X-ray Fluorescence

The XRF Facility houses an Panalytical Axios XRF spectrometer and is set up to analyse a wide range of major and trace elements in prepared solid materials.