Lunchtime Seminars

Our Tuesday Lunchtime Seminar series is held on most Tuesdays, from 13h00 to 14h00. If you're interested to join us, check the calendar for the next seminar, or join the mailing list. If you'd like to give a talk, please contact Dr Geoffrey Howarth

UCT Open Days

The Geological Sciences Department participates in the annual UCT Open Day, an event whose main purpose is to expose high school learners (grades 10-12), their parents, and their teachers, to what UCT has to offer. Both our staff and students participate in this event, making geological sciences known to students from neighbouring schools. 

The Humanity Exhibition

The Humanity Exhibition, housed at the Iziko Museum is one of the collaborative works between our department (Dr Robyn Pickering) and the Archaeology Department at UCT. Together, the team behind the Humanity Exhibition has re-written the story of humankind! 

Science Communication

Reclaiming rocks: Ukuthetha ngezifundo zomhlaba, is a science communication project spearheaded by Dr Rosalie Tostevin and Sinelethu Hashibi (PhD candidate). The heart behind this project is to extend an open invitation to all South Africans to share in their rich geological history, in the best way we know how: storytelling. The stories can be found on our website: Chosi Ndabazomhlaba

Geologist On A Rock

Spearheaded by Dr Miengah Abrahams and Mr Anzani Ramagadane (PhD candidate), Geologist On A Rock, is an interview series that features different people from our department, on a monthly basis. An exciting way to get to know what everyone is busy with! 

Geology Society (RockSoc)

RockSoc, the Geology Society for the University of Cape Town, aims to fuel the interests of earth science enthusiasts by organising events and activities that serve as both learning opportunities and socially engaging encounters. Founded by students in the Geological Sciences Department, this society is aimed at being inclusive of all people, from Geology students, to lecturers, to non-Geology students and UCT staff. Events are often announced on the Amathuba site, and there is typically at least one event per month. Please click here to join