Two fluid inclusion microthermometry stages are installed in Room 304 in the Geological Sciences building on the UCT Upper Campus.

A Linkam THMSG600 thermometry stage is connected to a TMS94 temperature programmer and liquid nitrogen pump, capable of a temperature range between -196°C and 600°C. The stage is connected to Linksys32 software and a digital camera is interchangeable on the microscope. The stage is mounted on an Olympus BX53 transmitted light microscope fitted with 10x and 50x long-working distance lenses. In addition a 2x magnification changer enables 100x magnification for small inclusions.

A Fluid Inc. Reynolds stage is mounted to a Nikon OPTIPHOT-POL light microscope and is fitted with 20x and 40x long-working distance lenses.



Secondary methane trail inclusions in quartz


Qualitative analysis of fluid inclusion solid phases

Solid phases in fluid inclusions are analyzed using the Nova NanoSEM at the Electron Microscopy Unit in the R.W. James Building on UCT Upper Campus.