Simon Hall

Emeritus Associate Professor and Senior Scholar

Simon Hall is an Emeritus Associate Professor and Senior Scholar in the Department of Archaeology at UCT. His Master’s thesis (University of the Witwatersrand) dealt with Tswana-speaking farmers in Limpopo Province and his doctorate (University of Stellenbosch), examined aspects of the Holocene hunter-gatherer sequence in the Eastern Cape.

Hall works mainly within the sub-field of Historical Archaeology at the interface between indigenous and colonial worlds through the 18th and 19th centuries. This research is multi-disciplinary and combines material, oral and written evidence to straddle the precolonial past and the present to address “why we are the way we are today”.  A central focus is on Khoesan identity, change, continuity, and cultural hybridity. These cultural evolutionary processes of change and interaction closely correspond to – but sometimes diverge from – their biological counterparts.

Over the next five years this focus will continue in the Karoo and the Northern Cape, especially on the archaeology of mission stations, domestic space as social map, especially that of farm labour, and the associated 19th century rock art.

Archaeology Dept, Beattie Building, Room 3.13
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Courses lectured

  • AGE3012S - Global Interaction and the Transformation of South African Society
  • AGE3011F - Roots of recent African Identies


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