Associate Professor Deano Stynder

Head of the Department of Archaeology

Deano Stynder is an Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology, University of Cape Town.  He received his PhD from the University of Cape Town in 2006 and took up his post at UCT in 2010.

Stynder’s research focuses on understanding the ecological and climatic conditions under which our hominin ancestors evolved. Key to the reconstruction of these are the diets of fossil animal taxa. Ungulates, which have restricted diets, are particularly good indicators of past vegetation cover (and by extension, climatic conditions), and are therefore a focus of his and his graduate students’ research.

Extensive use is made of ecomorphology, an analytical approach that uses functional morphology to inform on the preferred habitats of fossil taxa. Analytical methods that elucidate aspects of dietary behaviour, such as dental mesowear and microwear, are also widely employed.

In addition to laboratory analyses, Stynder and his research group are extensively involved in fieldwork and the recovery of new fossil material.

Archaeology Dept, Beattie Building, Room 3.15
Fax: +27 (0)21 650 2352
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Courses lectured

  • AGE2011S - Human Evolution
  • AGE4000W - Archaeology Honours

Course Convener

  • AGE1004S - Introduction to Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • AGE3013H – Archaeology in Practice


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