Data Science at UCT

One of the strengths of the initiatives in Data Science at UCT is that the experts in the different departments and faculties are involved in the teaching and research. Here at UCT we have a masters program in Data Science, offered by the Department of Statistical Sciences in collaboration with the departments of Computer Science, Information Systems, Astronomy, Physics, Integrated Medical Sciences, Finance and Tax and Economics.

The features of the program is based on the premise that Data Science refers to the art of learning from data and that the required knowledge come from three areas, Statistical Sciences, Computer Science and the Domain Science. It is thus an interdisciplinary program where the core methodological modules are taught by the departments of Statistical Sciences and Computer Science, while the elective modules are taught by the domain experts in Astronomy, Physics, Computational Biology (Health Sciences), Finance and Tax and Economics. 

Learn more about Data Science at UCT and join our program and research. If you have a strong statistics background, then join our Advanced Analytics Masters degree.