Dr Wendy L. Taylor

Honorary Research Associate

Dr. Taylor is an Honorary Research Associate in UCT's Department of Geological Sciences where she conducts palaeontological research on the Devonian Bokkeveld and Nama Groups in South Africa.  She is also part of Digermulen Early Life Research Group through the Tromsø University Museum, Tromsø, Norway, studying the evolution of early life across the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary in Finnmark Norway. At UCT she is co-supervisor of two MSc projects and works with the UCT Schools Development Unit and the Iziko South African Museum to design elearning geoscience programs. 

Wendy is also a Faculty Research Associate in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and a Curriculum Developer for the Immersive Virtual Field Trips (iVFT) project at the Center for Education Through Exploration (ETX). She has been employed at ASU since 2006, where she served as an Instructional Specialist for NASA missions to the Moon and Mars and as the Education and Public Outreach Lead for ASU's Astrobiology Program and the Center for Meteorite Studies. She also worked as the Education and Public Outreach Coordinator for the EarthScope National Office at ASU. Wendy began her career in research and collections at several major natural history institutions including the Paleontological Research Institution, The Field Museum and the University of Chicago.