Dr Rieneke Weij

Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Interests: Quaternary, geochronology, palaeoclimatology, isotope geochemistry, speleothems

Rieneke currently works on speleothems from caves at South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind, the world’s richest early hominin site. Her research involves developing internal chronological frameworks and quantifying past climate change through various proxies to better understand the climatic and environmental conditions over the last 2 million years and their influence on human evolution in South Africa. 

Latest Publications

More publications on: Google Scholar and Research Gate

  1. Kirsten, K.L., Pretorius, L., Meadows, M.E., Weij, R., Aquino-López, M., Antonopoulos, H.G., Dubazana, Y., Qadeer, A., Finch, J. and Bao, K., 2023. The depositional history of the Knysna estuary since European colonization in the context of sea level and human impacts. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution11, p.1120460.

  2. Sniderman, K., Weij, R., Hellstrom, J.C. and Woodhead, J.D., 2022, December. Was the Last Glacial Maximum'Dry'? Questioning the Glacial Aridity Paradigm Using Speleothem Palynology in the Southern Hemisphere Subtropics. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 2022, pp. PP53A-08).

  3. Weij, R., Woodhead, J., Sniderman, K., Hellstrom, J., Reed, E., Bourne, S. and Drysdale, R., 2022, May. The tip of the iceberg: U-Pb dating shows that cave systems can be twice as old as their surface expression. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (pp. EGU22-506).

  4. Arnold, L.J., Guilarte, V., Duval, M., Demuro, M., Weij, R. and Reed, E.H., 2022. ESR and OSL dating of fossil-bearing deposits from Naracoorte Cave Complex palaeontological sites, south Australia. Quaternary Geochronology69, p.101270.

  5. Weij, R., Woodhead, J.D., Sniderman, J.K., Hellstrom, J.C., Reed, E., Bourne, S., Drysdale, R.N. and Pollard, T.J., 2022. Cave opening and fossil accumulation in Naracoorte, Australia, through charcoal and pollen in dated speleothems. Communications Earth & Environment3(1), p.210.


  • Oppenheimer Postdoctoral Fellowship