Michael Parker-Nance

MSc candidate

Seismic reflection imaging in the Southern Orange Basin: New insights into the regional tectonics and petroleum systems

Research interests: Geophysics, offshore oil and gas exploration, reservoir modelling and characterisation, basin analysis and modelling

Michael Parker-Nance is a first year MSc student conducting a basin analysis in the Orange Basin. His aim is to develop a basin model that helps to explain the reservoir distribution, reduction in magmatism and model the source rock and heat flow. His research involves using multiple seismic datasets and wireline data collected throughout the Orange Basin.

Supervisors: Dr D Quiros, Dr A Sloan and Dr D Paton (TectonKnow)



  1. BSc Honours in Geology, NMU (2022)
  2. BSc in Geology and Geography, NMU (2018-2021)


  1. Recipient of the Upstream Training Trust (PASA)