Dr Khumo Leseane

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Southern Africa Neotectonic Seismic Hazards: Insights from the integration of geophysical datasets, geomorphology and structural geology 

Research interests: Neotectonic seismic hazards; Rift initiation and evolution; Accretionary and evolution of orogenic belts 


  1. PhD - Applied Geophysics (2022), Monash University, Australia 

  1. MSc - Geophysics (2014), Oklahoma State University, USA 

  1. BSc - Geology (2009), University of Botswana, Botswana 

Awards and Research Funding 

  1. Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics Research Foundation Scholarship-2017 & 2018 

  1. First winners of the BPSoG-OSU Graduate Student Publication Award 2015 

  1. Oklahoma State University Alumni Graduate Fellowship-2012, 2013, 2014 

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship for Master of Science (Geology) [Full scholarship]-2011-2012