Georgina Luti

PhD candidate

Stratigraphy, Dating and Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction of the Gondolin and Kromdraai Hominin Sites, South Africa

Research interests: Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, palaeoclimatic and  palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, hominin evolution and reconstruction of geological histories.

Georgina Luti is in her Second year studying Gondolin and Kromdraai palaeocaves in the Cradle- focussing on the flowstones bounding the fossiliferous deposits. The aim of her research is to offer robust chronologies to the site and the associated fossils and determine the prevailing climatic and environmental conditions during the existence of Paranthropus robustus.


Supervisors: Dr R. Pickering, Prof R. Ackermann and Dr R. Weij


  1. MSc Geology, UoN (2019-2020)
  2. BSc Geology, UoN (2013-2017)