Dave Reid

Emeritus Associate Professor

Research interests: Precambrian Geology, Isotope Geology, Igneous Petrology, Economic Geology, Analytical Techniques, Computer Applications

Geologic evolution of the Proterozoic mobile belts in the south-western part of Africa, namely, the Namaqua and Pan-African provinces. Granitoid suites in the Namaqua Province and their associated, particularly porphyry copper-molybdenum and quartz vein hosted tungsten-molybdenum deposits. Ancient metamorphosed volcano-sedimentary exhalative Pb-Zn-Cu sulphide deposits in the Bushmanland Group (Broken Hill, Aggeneys and Gamsberg). 

Petrogenesis and metallogeny of Pan-African granitoids and alkaline rocks of southern Namibia. Tertiary carbonatites in southern Namibia

Genesis of PGE mineralisation in the Bushveld Complex, with particular focus on the Northam Platinum Mine

Application of geochemical tracer techniques to problems in Archaeology, with particular focus on glass beads from Iron Age sites in Africa and Asia