Anton Le Roex

Emeritus Professor


My research interests lie in understanding the geochemical composition and evolution of mafic igneous rocks, their differentiates and their mantle source regions. The role of mantle plumes in the generation of intra-plate magmatism, both within oceanic and continental regions, the origin of their geochemical characteristics and their interaction with surrounding asthenospheric and overlying lithospheric mantle are fundamental foci of my research interests. Primary geographical areas of interest include the Southern Ocean, southern Africa, Madagascar and the mantle underlying Gondwanaland.


Latest Publications

  1. Howarth, G.H., Marsh, J.S., Duncan, A.R., Harris, C., Heinonen, J.S., Richardson, S.H., le Roex, A., Carlson, R.W. and Zartman, R.E., 2023. Petrogenesis of the Tuli Basin high-Ti picrites and basalts, Karoo CFB, southern Africa: Classification, stratigraphy, emplacement, and mantle source heterogeneity. Lithos440, p.107040.

  2. Janney, P.E., le Roux, P.J. and le Roex, A.P., 2022, December. Contrasting behaviour of the Bouvet and Shona hotspots as recorded in MORB from the Southwest Indian, American-Antarctic and southern Mid-Atlantic ridges. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 2022, pp. V26A-07).

  3. Ramokgaba, L., le Roex, A. and Robey, J., 2021. Phlogopite-rich and phlogopite-poor kimberlite intrusions within the Du Toitspan kimberlite pipe, South Africa: Petrogenetic relationships and localised source heterogeneity. Lithos390, p.106125.

  4. Class, C., Thomassot, E., le Roex, A. and Chauvel, C., 2021, January. Sulfur isotopic composition of the Tristan-Gough plume source. In 2021 Goldschmidt Conference Proceedings.

  5. Le Roex, A., Tinguely, C. and Gregoire, M., 2020. Eclogite and garnet pyroxenite xenoliths from kimberlites emplaced along the southern margin of the Kaapvaal craton, southern Africa: mantle or lower crustal fragments?. Journal of Petrology61(4), p.egaa040.