UCT Chemistry Department 2024 Start-of-Year Teambuilding

30 Jan 2024 | By Laa-iqa Rylands
30 Jan 2024 | By Laa-iqa Rylands

The Chemistry Department commenced the academic year with an enthusiastic and tropical-themed team-building event held at the Mowbray Bowling Club on 30th January 2024. The vibrant atmosphere was set as staff and students came dressed in colourful and fun attire, embracing the tropical spirit.

Head of Department (HOD), Assoc. Prof. Anwar Jardine, extended a warm welcome to staff and students, setting the tone for an engaging and productive day ahead. The event also marked a special occasion as honours students were formally introduced to the department. In a gesture symbolizing the journey ahead, they were presented with coffee mugs, symbolizing the anticipation of a fruitful academic year.

Dr Roxanne Mohunlal and Ms Deirdre Brooks, invested their time and effort in organising a mini-awards ceremony at the event. Members of the department were delighted to receive fun and considerate gifts, fostering camaraderie and a sense of belonging within the team.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the bowling session, where staff and students alike embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. For some, it proved to be a learning experience, adding an element of friendly competition and camaraderie to the event.

As the day unfolded, members were treated to a delectable spit-braai lunch, followed by fruits and ice cream, providing the perfect conclusion to a memorable day of bonding and collaboration. It offered an opportunity for both staff and students to unwind, engage in meaningful conversations, and strengthen relationships in a relaxed environment.

The chemistry department's tropical-themed team-building event at the Mowbray Bowling Club not only set the stage for a successful academic year but also reinforced the sense of community and unity among its members. With renewed energy and camaraderie, the department looks forward to a year filled with growth, learning, and shared achievements.