The curriculum for the bachelor degree in the Faculty of Science is based on a semester system, where a semester course is equivalent to a half-year of academic study. Courses for the bachelor degree may be completed in one semester (ie.a “half-course”) or over two semesters (ie. a “full-course”). In this respect, the following codes are used:

F      1st semester half-course
S      2nd semester half-course
H      half-course taught over the whole year*
W     full-course taught over the whole year

*H courses in GEPS may be of the “intensive type” ie.: half credit but full contact time over the whole year.

CEM1000W Chemistry 1000
CEM designates a Chemistry course
1 designates a first-year course
000 serves to distinguish this from other first-year Chemistry courses
W designates a full-course taught over the whole year