In Remembrance: Dr Gaëlle Ramon

30 Jan 2024
Image of the late Dr Gaëlle Ramon

Dr Gaëlle Ramon

30 Jan 2024

In 2005, Gaëlle Ramon obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Claude Bernard Lyon I in France. However, it was her noteworthy contributions to the realm of Crystal Engineering that truly distinguished her scholarly journey.  Despite the French origins of her degree, Gaëlle dedicated herself to pioneering research at the University of Cape Town under the tutelage of Prof. Nassimbeni. Her dissertation focused on the study of inclusion compounds, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap between macro properties and molecular-level observations. This intellectual pursuit paved the way for her dedication to research in Crystal Engineering.

Following her doctoral years, Gaëlle expanded her horizons during post-doctoral research at UCT and later as a Lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. In 2009, she returned to UCT as a Research Development Coordinator at the Research Office. Despite her administrative role, Gaëlle maintained a close connection with her discipline, affiliating herself with the Centre for Supramolecular Chemistry Research, where she co-supervised several Ph.D. students alongside Prof. Susan Bourne. Her collaborative efforts extended to consistent co-authorship with the Supramolecular Chemistry group.

In 2009, Gaëlle Ramon embarked on a new chapter in her academic journey as she joined the University of Cape Town (UCT) Research Office. Over the years, her role evolved, and in 2016 she assumed the position of Manager: Researcher Development. In this capacity, Gaëlle played a pivotal role in steering the Emerging Researcher Programme (ERP) and the Researcher Development Academy (RDA). These programs, designed to provide training opportunities for emerging researchers, impacted not only UCT but also resonated externally throughout South Africa and Africa.

Gaëlle's influence extended beyond her managerial duties, making her an integral part of the UCT community. Her commitment to the development of younger staff members was a testament to her passion for fostering academic growth. Gaëlle was known for her inspiring personality, consistently radiating positivity and enthusiasm in her collaborations. Her untimely departure leaves a void at UCT and beyond, as the legacy of her contributions will be deeply missed by colleagues, students, and collaborators alike.

Department of Chemistry, UCT