Since its formation, iCWild has graduated a number students with expertise in conservation conflict from ecological, social and governance perspectives. These alumni have since taken up various strategic roles in conservation-related policy development and practice. Their experience and expertise continues to guide management decisions, and how it shapes values and behaviour towards wildlife in Africa. 

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Type Name Thesis title Link
Honours Aamirah Dramat    
Honours Adam Buckland Rats and People in Conflict. An Investigation into the Determinants of Humane Treatment of Rats in Site C, Khayelitsha, South Africa Link
Honours Emma Green Why is rubbish building up in Khayelitsha? An investigation into the contestation over Khayelitsha’s refuse removal service Link
Honours Jonathan Plaistowe    
Honours Julia Hampton Exploring the connection between Socioeconomic Insecurity and Witchcraft Beliefs in Khayelitsha. Link
Honours Megan Jackson    
Honours Trygve Heide Assessing the sustainability of seal tourism at Duiker Island, Hout Bay  Link
Honours Ayesha Hargey Estimating leopard density in a coastal protected area of the Western Cape, South Africa  Link
Masters Johanna Taylor From big spots to little spots: Influence of camera trap deployment on spatial capture-recapture estimates of servals (Leptailurus serval) in Ithala Game Reserve  Link
Masters Jessica Burnette The Role of Images in Freshwater Conservation in South Africa: An Analysis of Images and Perceptions of Freshwater Fish  Link
Masters Tamar Kendon Spatial distribution and intensity of snare poaching in the Boland region of South Africa: implications for optimising anti-poaching efforts  Link
Masters Thomas Thacker A genetic perspective on leopard (Panthera pardus) conservation units across southern Africa  Link
Masters Thulasizwe Clements The unequal multispecies entangled human-rat relation: How rodent control reveals colonial legacies in the lives of people of Lwandle/Nomzamo in Strand, Cape Town, South Africa  Link
Masters Kyle Hinde The density of leopards in a mixed-use landscape in the Western Cape, South Africa  Link
Masters Kim Parker Caracals as sentinels for metal exposure in a human-transformed landscape  Link
Masters Linden Rhod The threat of terrestrial predators to mainland penguin colonies: searching for sustainable solutions  Link
Masters Michelle Schroeder Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) mortality and survival in fenced reserves as part of a managed metapopulation across South Africa  Link
Masters Deborh Stanbridge Genetic admixture of Kruger National Park black rhino (Diceros bicornis minor): conservation implications  Link
Masters Nadine Aboul-Hassan Spatial variation in small mammal communities across the Karoo Shale Gas Development Area of South Africa  Link
Masters Michael Ross Mammalian and avian diversity in a coastal nature reserve and an adjacent eco-estate  Link
Masters Kate Sheridan Human safety and shark conservation: an analysis of surfer risk perceptions and attitudes towards shark management  Link
Masters Michelle Pretorius Mesocarnivores in Protected Areas: ecological and anthropogenic determinants of habitat use in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa  Link
Masters Storme Viljoen Wildlife health in human-modified landscapes: epidemiology of tick-borne pathogens affecting black-backed jackals and caracals  Link
Masters Caitlyn Kelly Investigating the hidden costs of livestock guarding dogs and the diet of a sympatric predator in Namaqualand, South Africa  Link
Masters Shannon Dubay Behavioural and physiological responses of chacma baboons (Papio ursinus)to wildfire in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa Link
Masters Leigh de Necker The trophic dynamics of the broadnose sevengill shark (Notorynchus cepedianus) in False Bay, South Africa, using multiple tissue stable isotope analysis Link
Masters Franck Barrel Mavinga A camera trap assessment of factors influencing leopard (Panthera pardus) habitat use in the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, Republic of Congo Link
Masters Phoebe Mottram Landscape utilisation by a reintroduced pack of African Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus) in eastern Botswana Link
Masters David van Beuningen Environmental predictors of Carcharodon carcharias presence at two popular beaches in False Bay, South Africa, using acoustic telemetry Link
Masters Arend van Blerk Should I stay or should I go? Hormonal and demographic correlates of natal dispersal in a population of wild vervet monkeys Link
PhD Marine Drouilly Characteristics, determinants and management of farmer-predator conflict in a multi-use dryland system, South Africa  Link
PhD Nicole Okes Conservation ecology of the Cape clawless otter, Aonyx capensis, in an urban environment  Link
PhD Vincent Naude Scale and impact of the illegal leopard skin trade for traditional use in southern Africa  Link
PhD Zoe Woodgate Multiscale patterns of mammal diversity and occurrence in the Karoo Link
PhD Lucy Smyth Investigating the conservation value of leopard population indices obtained through camera traps in the greater Kruger region of South Africa  Link
PhD Gabriella leighton Life on the edge: exploring the effects of urbanisation on the foraging ecology and ecotoxicology of caracals  Link
PhD Michelle Blanckenberg The effects of land use change, from small livestock farming to protected area, on vegetation and mammal communities in the SKA region of the Karoo, South Africa  Link
PhD Mathew Rogn The application of spatial capture-recapture models to investigate leopard ecology and conservation in South Africa  Link
PhD Robynne Kotze Lion population status and ecology in a seasonally-flooded wetland, the Okavango Delta  Link
PhD Anna Bracken Variation in individual and collective behaviours by chacma baboons using urban space in Cape Town, South Africa Link
PhD Charlotte Christensen Socio-endocrinology revisited: New tools to tackle old questions Link