Women's Month 2023 Fun Walk

22 Sep 2023 | By Roxanne Mohunlal
All winners of the lucky draw held as part of the Department of Chemistry Women’s Month Fun Walk.
22 Sep 2023 | By Roxanne Mohunlal

This year the Transformation and Marketing Committee hosted a Women’s Month Fun Walk on Friday, 8 September 2023, to honour and celebrate the incredible women in the field of chemistry. The event, open to all staff and postgraduates in the department, followed the theme ‘Walking with purpose in celebration of the woman you are and/or the women in your lives who inspire you’. This event was well received and very well attended by over 50 people within the department comprising staff and postgraduates. All participants were encouraged to wear any shade of pink and dress up creatively. 

The idea was to focus on mental health and wellness by coming together, walking with a common purpose, and spending some time in nature. Despite previous weeks of overcast skies, we were able to enjoy a summer-like weather with clear blue skies. This fun walk started with all members of the department gathering outside PD Hahn building. It was amazing to see how everyone went out of their way to participate and get involved by dressing up, we had people in everything pink from tutus, wigs, butterfly wings and tiaras to wands and flower garlands. The atmosphere was electric, and everyone was ready for a morning of fun in the sun.  

We formed smaller groups to encourage team building and were guided by a team leader who was also a trained first aider. We made our way towards Sarah Baartman Hall where all participants posed for a group photo then made our way across university avenue. From there on we became one with nature as we walked under the beautiful trees which form a canopy, and the flowers were already out in full bloom as we made our way to Newlands Forest parking lot with rest breaks along the way. Throughout the walk people were chatting, capturing moments through photos, and embraced being together which created a much needed sense of community. Once all groups arrived at the Newlands Forest parking lot, the marketing sub-committee organisers distributed snack packs and Energade to everyone. We then walked a bit further into the forest where we had the opportunity to relax in the shade along the river and people could enjoy some peace and quiet. One of the beautiful things about the forest is that it is so close to the M3 but once you are inside you forget all about the city noise and just embrace the tranquillity. After a refreshment break and time to socialise, we had a lucky draw. There were 14 prizes in total, and this was distributed between the men and women who were present. We received sponsored cosmetics from Bloom, t-shirts from the Faculty of Science UCT, perfume and hand-made candles from Dilara, cotton pillowcases from T shirt Bed Co, dental products from Dr Rylands and fancydress items from Dr Douman. The Chemistry Department also sponsored some fancydress items and all of the snacks. The winners of the lucky draw were elated. We then made our way back to the department. Overall, it was a fun-filled event which provided a break from the usual hustle and allowed everyone to breathe, unwind, and interact with people who we may only pass along the corridor and build new relationships.