Honours' honours at April Grad - better late than never!

10 Apr 2018
Honours Class of '17
Honours Class of '17
10 Apr 2018

Top from left: Richard Ferger, Alan Huysamen, Athi Welsh, Devro McGregor
Middle: Stephen de Doncker, Farhaan Dobah, Emma Tiffin, Carine Rugorirwera, Kgaugelo Letsoalo
Front: Kuziwa Gowero, Simone Renga, Fatima-Zahra Ishmail, Diana Melis

Honours honours at April Grad - better late than never!

They had to wait a few months more than usual due to the end-of-year graduation being rescheduled to this year, but this didn't dampen any spirits as another jubilant Honours class came to be capped at the April graduation.  Kuziwa Gowero even made sure to travel back down from Zimbabwe to be capped together with his friends.

The Honours year is a challenging one and the small group of students that get selected each year form strong bonds during the course of the year.  It is a good induction year for those who plan to continue with their postgraduate studies.  Many of our Honours students apply to stay on and do their Master's and PhDs here, so fortunately it's not really goodbye yet for some!

Top accolades for this year were split between four students.  Athi Welsh received the Percy Gordon Memorial Award for Top Honours Student and has also been nominated for the SACI James Moir medal.  Emma Tiffin and Lenard Carroll received the awards for Best Poster and Best Presentation respectively.  The award for Best Honours Project was awarded to Diana Melis.

Dr Ngubane and Athi Welsh, Percy Gordon Memorial Award for
Top Honours Student 2017 and SACI James Moir medal nominee

Dr Ngubane and Emma Tiffin, winner of Best Honours Poster 2017

Dr Ngubane and Lenard Carroll, winner of Best Honours Presentation 2017