Doctoral Hat-trick at April Graduation

10 Apr 2018
10 Apr 2018


Three of our PhD students were capped at the April Graduation ceremony this year.  Congratulations to Antonina, John, and Savannah!

Drs Okombo (black cap, left), Zacharias (black cap, middle) and Wasuna (black cap, right) on the Memorial Hall steps with attending staff on Grad Day April '18


Antonina Wasuna (Supervisor Prof. K Chibale and Co-Supervisor Assoc. Prof. D Warner) did her thesis on:

Repositioning fusidic acid for tuberculosis: semi-synthesis of analogues and impact of mycobacterial biotransformation on antibiotic activity.


John Okombo (Supervisor Prof. T Egan and Co-Supervisor Prof. K Chibale) did his thesis on:

Physicochemical, biological and β-Haematin inhibiting activity of Pyrido-Dibemequines, Pyrido[1,2-a]Benzimidazoles and their derivatives.


Savannah Zacharias (Supervisor Prof. S Bourne and Co-Supervisor Dr G Ramon) did her thesis on:

Carboxylate metallogels - an adventure in supramolecular chemistry.


For more information on each graduate's thesis see the Science Graduation Ceremony booklet.  The full theses will become available in due course on the UCT online repository, OpenUCT.


Dr Antonina Wasuna (centre) with Supervisor Prof. Kelly Chibale and Co-Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Digby Warner

Dr John Okombo (centre) with Supervisor Prof. Tim Egan and Co-Supervisor Prof. Kelly Chibale

Dr Savannah Zacharias (centre) with Supervisor Prof. Susan Bourne and Co-Supervisor Dr Gaelle Ramon