In the National Strategy for Multi-wavelength Astronomy of South Africa (Department of Science and Technology, 2016),  stellar and compact object astrophysics is highlighted as one of the three priority science areas in South African astronomy, supported by a framework of innovation and development in optical, radio and gamma-ray astronomy, and by a comprehensive program in human capital development and transformation.

MeerLICHT provides a natural and innovative connection between the three multi-wavelength communities of South African astronomy. It connects optical and radio astronomy in real-time - transients discovered in the real time stream of MeerKAT data can be scheduled for observations with SALT immediately, providing valuable instant information about the nature of newly discovered radio transients. The HESS-II gamma-ray telescope in Namibia also has a strong focus on astrophysical transients. The combination of HESS-II, MeerKAT, MeerLICHT and SALT in close co-location, and strong coordination, makes this a unique multi-wavelength ensemble of facilities to study the transient southern skies.