The Faculty offers a single undergraduate degree – the Bachelor of Science (BSc) which takes a minimum of three years to complete.  A student selects two majors. (See the list of majors here )The courses that lead to these majors comprise a mixture of lectures, tutorials, practicals and field work, depending on the particular majors/ subjects. Students thus gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of their chosen subjects. The Faculty rules also permit a student to combine a major from another Faculty with one from Science.

Studies in the mathematical and scientific disciplines are challenging. Many students find the transition from school to university difficult – the quantity of work, the pace at which material is covered and conceptual complexity are all greater than at school, even though some of the topics covered appear similar. Our experience shows that many first-year students can overcome this difficult transition by spreading their curriculum over a four-year period., thus giving themselves– sufficient time to understand and master the challenging material. To help students perform optimally, many first-year subjects have two options, one that takes 1 year to complete and another that takes 1.5 or 2 years, with extra support offered. Students who choose a four-year curriculum currently qualify for an extra year of NSFAS funding. All students write a set of formal class tests after four weeks of lectures. Using the marks achieved in these tests, together with the results of the school-leaving examinations and the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs), each student is guided on the best plan for their degree. The Faculty provides individual consultations with Student Advisers, who are lecturers with experience in assisting students to plan a curriculum that gives them the best chance of fulfilling their potential in their chosen majors.