The following postgraduate qualifications are offered:

Honours degree: Honours is an intensive year-long program of advanced study within a particular discipline, after successful completion of a BSc degree. 

Master’s degree: There are two Master’s degree offerings in the Faculty of Science, the Master of Science and the Master of Philosophy.  

Master of Science: This can be either a research-based degree or a part course work degree. The former requires the submission of a dissertation on a selected research topic, completed under the guidance of a supervisor. The Master of Science by coursework and minor dissertation is a degree in which a candidate completes partof the requirement through coursework, and the other by way of a minor dissertation on a piece of supervised research. The dissertation is by definition smaller in scope than one completed where the dissertation counts for the full degree.  The majority of students in the Science Faculty complete their Master’s degree as a research-based degree.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil): This is either a research degree, or a degree obtained by coursework and minor dissertation, for candidates engaged in cross-faculty research dissertations or where a candidate comes from a non-science academic background. 

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD):
The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree that requires a candidate to be able to conduct independent research on his/her own initiative. Through the thesis the candidate must be able to demonstrate that he/she is at the academic forefront in the topic selected, that the work is original and that it advances knowledge in the field.

A summary of the postgraduate qualifications offered by the Faculty can be found here, whereas individual degrees and associated rules can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Page last updated 13 January 2022