Peninsula Paddle 2020: Journey of hope

11 Nov 2020
11 Nov 2020

The Peninsula Paddle is an annual adventure through Cape Town’s waterways from Muizenberg to Milnerton. The initiative was started in 2010.

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The first four paddlers coined the phrase “the health of the city is seen in its waterways”. Each year the paddle is a reminder about this message and each year the paddle encourages action to be taken to address the problem by civic organisations and the City of Cape Town. For example, in 2019, the City reacted positively to the findings of the paddle and immediately started removing little that was clogging the Black River through a contract lasted for over four months.


One of the founding members of the paddle is

Dr Kevin Winter from the EGS Department.

Taking back, restoring and making urban waterways more liveable is a massive challenge, but imagine a city where citizens could safely traverse its waterways in clean water and where the surrounding rivers and canalised banks offer safe, pleasant public spaces. Cape Town’s waterways could be a catalyst for transforming a divided city.